As one half of the artist-duo Depart he focuses on the computational contstruction of poetic systems, which yield emergent phenomena and strive towards a complex, individual experience.


Since 1999, he has been working with Gregor Ladenhauf as Depart on audiovisual installations and performances.

2018 Ars Electronica Center, "The Lacuna Shifts", 06.04.–30.08.2018 (Linz, AT)
2017-18 O.K. Center "Sinnesrausch", "The Lacuna Shifts", 20.10.2017–2.4.2018 (Linz, AT)
2017-18 Metro Kino "analog_digital", "The Lacuna Shifts", 3.10.2017–28.1.2018 (Vienna, AT)
2018 Elevate Festival, "The Lacuna Shifts", 28.02. - 02.03.2018, (Graz, AT)
2018 Diagonale Film Festival, "The Lacuna Shifts", HdA, 14.03.–16.03.2018 (Graz, AT)
2018 Forward Festival, "The Lacuna Shifts", 25.04.–27.04.2018, Gartenbaukino (Vienna, AT)
2018 Klanglicht Festival, "The Lacuna Shifts", 28.04.– (Graz, AT)
2015 Atelier Olschinsky, Yarrow (Vienna, AT)
2014-15 Zweitbester, Solo Exhibition, To The Quarry Return, (Vienna AT)
2014 Vitrine, Solo Exhibition, To The Quarry Return, (Vienna AT)
2014 SoundCloud HQ Berlin, permanent Installation, Rebus Cumulations. (Berlin, DE)
2013 “Das Exponential” Group Exhibition (ausarten e.V), “Cloud Chamber Diaries”, (Vienna, AT)
2013 Kunstraum Pro Arte, “Arsonist’s Nesting” part of exhibtion “return”, (Hallein, AT)
2013 Karl-Marx Buchhandlung, “Sleep Spindles” part of exhibition, (Berlin, DE)
2013 BurnLab, “Sleep Spindles” part of exhibition “We love 8bit”, (Vienna, AT)
2013 Museum of Screen Culture MANEGE, “Flood Panels”, part of exhibition (Moscow, RU)
2013 sound:frame / MAK, “The House of Drift”, commissioned work and large scale exhibition (Vienna, AT) *
2013 MAK Nite, “Glyph”, Performance & Installation, MAK (Vienna, AT) *
2012 Schmiede, “Cloud Chamber Diaries” Installation & Performance, (Hallein, AT) *
2012 ACF New York, “Cloud Chamber Diaries” part of exhibition “Against the Specialist”, (New York, USA) *
2012 MAK / sound:frame, “Flood Panels” installation and part of exhibition (Vienna, AT) *
2012 Berghain, “Forss Ecclesia” Performance & Release of IPad Album (Berlin, DE)
2012 Art Hackday NY, “Forss Ecclesia” IPad, (New York, USA)
2011 OneDotZero, “Chukwa’s Approach III” part of “Code Warriors” programme, (London, UK) *
2011 Schmiede, “delta aurigae” performance & installation, (Hallein, AT) *
2011 sound:frame festival, “delta aurigae” installation, part of exhibition Ottakringer Brauerei (Vienna, AT) *
2011 Schmiede / Subnet AiR, “Glyph” Residency and Installation, (Salzburg/Hallein, AT) *
2011 Literatur.Lab, “A Hibernation in Doubt” AV poetry performance, (Vienna, AT) *
2010 Reverb.On / Schmiede, “Doldrums” Performance, (Hallein, AT)
2010 Kunstraum Pro Arte, “Altar Ego” part of exhibition, (Hallein, AT) *
2010 V/Port Museumsquartier, “Altar Ego” exhibition, (Vienna, AT) *
2010 Konkrete Utopien, “Sitting Room” Performance with Richard Eigner, Die Bäckerei (Innsbruck, AT) *
2009 Reverb.On / Schmiede, “Chukwa’s Approach” performance installation, Saltmine “Salzwelten” (Dürrnberg, AT) *
2009 ARGE Kultur, “Unheim” Produktionsauftrag und Site Specific Performance, (Salzburg, AT) *
2009 sound:frame Festival, “Sitting Room” Performance with Richard Eigner (Hallein, AT) *
2009 Austin Museum of Digital Arts, “Rain Are In Clouds” part of exhibition (Austin, USA) *
2009 Zwischenstrom Festival, “Rain Are In Clouds” AV Performance (Weitersfelden, AT) *
2009 Festival Miden, “Gespraum” Videoinstallation, (Kalamata, Greece) *
2008 Temp~ Festival, “Rain Are In Clouds” AV Performance (Greifenstein, AT) *
2008 Outreach Festival, “Rain Are In Clouds” AV Performance with Gregor Ladenhauf, (Schwaz/Tirol, AT) *
2008 Cimatics Festival, “Rain Are In Clouds” AV Performance with Gregor Ladenhauf, (Brussels, AT) *
2008 sound:frame Festival, “Rain Are In Clouds” AV Performance with Gregor Ladenhauf, (Vienna, AT) *
2009 Impart Theater, “Iminami” Performance Installation with The Spy Collective (Wroclaw, Poland)
2008 Reverb.On / Schmiede, “Sitting Room” Performance with Gregor Ladenhauf & Richard Eigner (Hallein, AT) *
2008 SARC, “Iminami”, Residency & Performance Installation with The Spy Collective (Belfast)
2007 Paraflows Un_Space, “Gespraum” Videoinstallation, Contemporary Art Tower (Vienna, AT) *
2007 Reverb.On / Schmiede, “Vexation” performance with Oliver Johnson, (Hallein, AT) *
2007 ARGE Kultur, “Iminami”, Residency & Performance Installation with The Spy Collective (Salzburg, AT)
2007 Cabaret Voltaire, “My Myo Mayhem”, Performance Installation with G. Hobmeier (Zürich, CH) *
2006 ARGE Kultur, “My Myo Mayhem”, Performance Installation with G. Hobmeier (Salzburg, AT) *
2006 IG Bildende Kunst, “YArrow” part of exhibition (Vienna, AT)
2006 “We only do III”, laboratory and Performance (Rotterdam & Amsterdam, NL) *
2006 Montevideo Festival, “Asphodel” (Amsterdam, NL) *
2005 Impakt, “YArrow” productionprize and part of exhibition (Utrecht, NL) *
2005 “We only do II” laboratory and performance with G. Hobmeier (Amsterdam, NL) *
2005 ICA London, “We only do…” dance performance with G. Hobmeier, (London, UK) *
2005 offICMC, live performance with EPY (Barcelona, ES)
2005 Arge Salzburg, “Des Gesprächfightfadens” Production Prize Winner and Theatre Performance, (Salzburg, AT) *
2004 Observatori Festival, “Asphodel” Installation (Valencia, ES) *
2004 Cimatics Festival, “Petard” Performance (Brussels, BE) *
2004 Kunstraum Innsbruck, “I, Room” installation with G. Hobmeier (Innsbruck, AT) *
2004 Festpielhaus Hellerau Residency and Performance “We only do” (Dresden, DE) *
2004 Basics Festival, “Petard” Performance & Lecture (Salzburg, AT) *
2004 Animac Festival, “Petard” Performance (Lleida, ES) *
2004 Cynetart Festival, “Asphodel” Installation, “Petard” Performance and Prize Winner, Festspielhaus Hellerau (Dresden, DE) *
2004 Transmediale Festival, Asphodel Installation & Lecture (Berlin, DE) *
2003 Bilboloop Festival, live video (Bilbao, ES)
2003 Trampoline Festival, “Asphodel” Installation (Berlin, DE) *
2003 CynetArt Festival, “Being Odysseus”, AV theatre performance with G. Hobmeier, Festpielhaus Hellerau (Dresden, DE) *
2003 Abstraction Now Exhibition, Installation with EPY, k/haus (Vienna, AT)
2003 Ende-Neu Festival, Petard Performance (Eferding, AT)
2003 Nisomnia Festival (Nis, Serbia)
2003 Sonar Festiva, live video for NI in CCCB and live-performance with EPY in MACBA (Barcelona, ES)
2002 SpringTwo Festival, live video, Dom Im Berg (Graz, AT)
2002 Diagonale Festival, Music Video for EPY (Graz, AT)
2002 Micronanze Festival, live video (Rome, Italy)
2001 Imagenes Festival, live video with FORK (Porto, PT)
2001 Sonar Festival, live AV with Native Instruments, CCCB (Barcelona, ES)
2001 Stealing Eyeballs Exhibition, installation with FORK, k/haus (Vienna, AT)


As a designer he employs a sporty multidisciplinary approach focusing on generative design , UI/UX and design systems.


Since 2003 he is self-employed as a digital artist, designer and occasionally creative coder. He has a strong conceptual focus and combines both visual and technical skills. Apart from client work Leonhard enjoys developing dynamic identities for his extended network including festivals, record labels and musicians.

At the moment he works part-time in the product team of whatchado to develop their design system and elevate their user experience.

Work Record
2016-now UX Senior (part-time), whatchado (Vienna, AT)
2008-2013 Art Director (part-time) Polypod (Vienna, AT)
2003-2005 Screen Designer (part-time), Area3 (Barcelona, ES)
2001-2003 Designer, Fork Unstable Media (Berlin, DE)


He currently teaches “Mapping the Data” at the Art University Linz and “Generative Art” at the FH Hagenberg.


His courses strive to spark a critical, poetic and personal approach to digital media – both on a practical and theoretical level. He encourages playfulness and experimentation to develop diversity rather than cater to industry demands.

Lectures & Talks
2015-now Course "Mapping the Data", Art University Linz, 2SWS
2018 Talk "Virtual Surrealities and the Algoritual", Forward Festival, Zurich
2018 Talk "The Lacuna Shifts", Forward Festival, Munich
2015-2018 Course "Generative Art", FH Hagenberg MTD, 4SWS
2018 Talk "Virtual Surrealities and the Algoritual", Forward Festival, Gartenbaukino, Vienna
2018 Talk "VR as an artistic medium", Symposium "Digital Realities", MAK, Vienna
2018 Talk "VR as an artistic medium", Deep Space Live, AEC, Linz
2018 Talk "The Lacuna Shifts", VRMeetup, Vrei, Vienna
2018 Panel "VR and cinematic space", Diagonal Filmfestival, Graz
2018 Talk "Virtual Ralities and Scenography", Art University Graz, 4h
2018 Panel "Der filmische Raum", Metro Kino Wien
2017 Talk "Visuals and Subculture", LADO, OK Linz
2016-17 Course FH Salzburg Multimedia Arts / Interface Design, 2SWS
2014 Curation Kurzfilmprogramm “Fluctuations” 12 österreichische Kurzfilme mit generativen Strukturen, Stadtkino Wien
2013 Course "Audiovisual Methods", FH Salzburg MultimediaArt, 1 SWS, Dez 2013
2012 Lecture "Digital Typography" Akademie der bildenden Künste / Künslterisches Lehramt Typografie Seminar
2010 Workshop, VIA @ Schmiede, Skulptur-Workshop für Schüler der Klasse Bildhauerei HTL – Hallein
2007 Lecture "audiovisual narratives and generative design" Elisava, (Barcelona, Spain)
2005 FH MultimediaArt, workshop & lecture about audiovisual performance and realtime AV environments
2003-4 Course “audiovisuales”, UPF, Master for Digital Arts Program, Barcelona, Spain
2004 Course, Macromedia Flash Techniques, BAU Escola de Disseny (Barcelona, Spain)
2004 Talk "Asphodel", Transmediale, HdKdW, Berlin
2004 Talk "Mythematics", Basics Festival, Salzburg